Do you want to make new business contacts? Do you want to promote your products or services in foreign markets? Do you want to expand your business? Join the international network of cooperating companies from Poland, Latvia, Ukraine and Russia.  Our representatives in Riga, Lviv and Kaliningrad wait for your questions and offers.

Business in Małopolska Centre will advise you the best and most efficient methods for presenting your company in order to establish and maintain successful business contacts.
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An offer with a potential for future co-operation with entrepreneurs from Poland or from Eastern partner countries, must include basic data. Many companies often forget to provide their e-mail address or details of a contact person, responsible for business communication and cooperation. It is also significant to indicate language used in business contacts. Providing details may be useful, e.g. 'I speak Russian, but my writing skills in this language are at a low level'. This may shorten the time of searching the business partners and improve communication.
Potential partners also expect precise data on the scope of production or services. Term "machines" may indicate both - road construction heavy machinery or ice-cream machines. From the very start, it is important to declare production capacities and lead times, along with the manufacturer prices and transport capabilities.
An ideal offer should be prepared in the language of the target business partner(s) but the English version is also acceptable.  If your service or a product is to be highly competitive, it is good to indicate different forms of payment, (e.g. partial payment, advance payment, bank transfer, barter etc.). When your company has a website, (preferable multilingual), it is necessary to specify its address in the offer. The website is a place for presenting examples of completed projects and customer references to enhance the trust of a potential business partner. If your company has obtained any certificates, underline their importance.
However, it has to be noted, that not every offer will find a foreign recipient. At the very beginning of any foreign activities, it is advisable to carry out a research in the target market to check its potential and opportunities.