On June 25, 2014, the Małopolska Region, together with its Ukrainian partner - Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, officially launched its representative office as a part of "Business in Małopolska – Partnership Network" Project.

This is the third office opened by the region: the first one was launched on April 11, 2014 in Kaliningrad and the second one on May 14 in Riga, capital of Latvia.
The office is located in the building of the Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry and it welcomes all entrepreneurs interested in cooperation with entities and businesses from Małopolska. Ukrainians will have the opportunity to obtain detailed and important information about our region and to find potential business partners. On the other hand, entrepreneurs from Małopolska will get similar support - they will be provided with the information about the Ukrainian market, its customers and useful business contacts.
During the opening ceremony and business conference, which were attended by many interested parties, the representatives of the Business in Małopolska Centre repeatedly emphasized that the core idea behind opening the offices is to provide small and medium-sized businesses with comprehensive information about the specifics of Eastern markets without the need to contact several institutions and to facilitate business contacts.

The ceremony gathered many guests, including representatives of the Polish Embassy in Kiev, officials from various consulates, people representing business-related authorities, local municipal and regional authorities, representatives of large and small companies from Ukraine and representatives of national and regional media.

Answering the question 'Why Małopolska is interested in the East?', the region's representatives explained that the project concept was developed in 2012, in response to very clear expectations of SMEs from Małopolska. Business in Małopolska Centre analysed different research results e.g. the document entitled "Support for companies in foreign expansion" prepared by Harvard Business Review Poland, where entrepreneurs pointed out that export expansion should be developed primarily in the areas adjacent to Polish borders (71%) and as countries of particular interest the majority of them indicated Germany, Russia and Ukraine. More than a quarter of respondents (27%) expected support in the form of access to information about these markets. Moreover, in May 2012, the Business in Małopolska Centre organized conference "Małopolska Export Horizon" as a part of "Business in Małopolska - Investment in the Future" Project. The participants of the conference were surveyed about various aspects of support for export activities in Małopolska. As the main and most interesting export directions they indicated Ukraine and Russia.

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The ceremony in Lviv was also accompanied by opening of "The Economic Potential of Małopolska" exhibition. The exhibition will be displayed for a month  in Pivdennyi Trade Complex, advertising the potential of Małopolska with a modern and multi-media presentation.

Małopolska, as the first Polish region has its foreign network of economic "representatives". Establishing a network of economic representative offices is possible due to the implementation of project entitled "Business in Małopolska - Partnership Network". This project is implemented by the Małopolska Regional Development Agency and the Małopolska Region. The project was granted with over PLN 1.5 million from the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme - Action 8.2, "Building Małopolska position in European Cooperation Networks".

All interested parties should address their queries to:
Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry     
14 Stryiskyi Park, Lviv, Ukraine
tel.: 380 322 956317, 380 322 764611
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More details available at: www.malopolskapartnership.pl