Latvian mission of the Malopolska Region and the Malopolska Regional Development Agency.


Between 13 and 17 May, 2014, representatives of Malopolska Region visited Latvian capital Riga and Daugavpils - the main city of Latgale Region. The aim of the visit was to establish contacts with this Baltic republic in three areas. First of all, the office of economic representatives of Malopolska region was opened as a part of the "Business in Malopolska - Partnership Network" project (MROP 2007-2013, leader of the Malopolska Regional Development Agency S.A.). Similar office has been opened in Kaliningrad in Russia and another on will be opened in Lviv (Ukraine) in June.

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The ceremony in Riga was traditionally combined with "The Economic Potential of Malopolska" exhibition, which presented our region to Latvians. The exhibition, which shows the southern region of Poland in a modern multimedia presentation, will be open to all visitors for a month.

The office of economic representatives is located in the facilities of our Latvian project partner - Baltic International Academy, the largest private university in the country. The task of people involved in the project is to provide Polish entrepreneurs with information on business conditions in Latvia and to present the opportunities for cooperation with Malopolska businesses to Latvian entrepreneurs.
Representatives of Malopolska Region, including Kazimierz Czekaj, a councillor of Malopolska regional council, had the task to consolidate good relations with representatives of Latgale region that signed a declaration of the partnership with Malopolska in June 2013. The measures to achieve the task included meetings of Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Latvia, Marek Nowakowski, with representatives of the Latgale region in Riga and in Daugavpils, and with Latvian entrepreneurs or persons representing Polish community in Latvia.
Another area of Latvian-Polish contacts included direct meetings and discussions of entrepreneurs, held as a part of III International East Baltic Business Forum (05/16/2014). In addition to the presentation of Malopolska Region, companies from Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and Moldova held their own independent meetings. It has to be noted that out of 400 participants of the Forum, almost 100 represented Polish companies, local governments and business institutions.
After a rough analysis of Latvian market, it seems that it is still a promising and untapped area for Polish economic initiatives. This applies mainly to the following industries: agriculture and food, wood, furniture, clothing and construction. It should be also noted that Latvia is a great starting point for expansion to other Baltic countries, Russia and Belarus.
As it could be seen in Riga, these opportunities were taken up by companies such as Reserved, Tymbark and CCC.  There are still many areas for Polish business expansion.
If you are interested in support provided by "Malopolska Representative Office" in Latvia, do not hesitate and contact us.